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SASO Product Certification

SASO Product Certification

What is SASO?

Saudi Arabian Standards Organization being the sole standardizationbody in the Kingdom, was established according to the Royal Decree No.M / 10 dated 3/3/1392 H, on 16/4/1972, as a body corporate Organizationand an independent budget assigned to deal with all that relates toactivities of specifications, standards and quality, which include adoptingnational standards for all commodities and products, also samplingtechniques and methods of inspection and test, etc., as well asestablishing the rules for granting certificates of conformitycorresponding to the imported goods, quality marks, the systems forissuing them and the right to use. The Organization publishes thenecessary awareness on the characterization and standardization.The decision of the Council of Ministers No. (61) Dated 28/2/1430ordered and changed the name of the Organization by adding quality tobe (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization).

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