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Product Registration (ECAS) with ESMA

Product Registration (ECAS) with ESMA (ECAS)

What is ECAS?

This scheme specify the rules for the implementation of registration of mandatory and voluntary products under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Schemes as required under the Federal Law No. 28 and as required by the IECEE 02 Rules of Procedure of the IECEE CB Scheme for Mutual Recognition of Test Certificates for Electro-technical Equipment and Components (CB Scheme) to ensure that products that affects the life, health and safety of consumers and the environment and products that may affect the economy of the country are complying with the relevant UAE or its adopted or recognized Standards such as IEC standards. Suppliers and manufacturers of mandatory and voluntary products under ECAS shall comply with this requirement before such product is registered and / or certified under the IECEE CB Scheme.

This document is applicable to all products which has been identified by any Ministerial Cabinet decision to be considered as mandatory/regulated product. Voluntary Standards can also use this requirement whenever a trader or manufacturer wanted their product to be registered by ESMA and/or to be certified under IECEE CB Scheme.

Locally manufactured or imported products and the company responsible to the product shall register and comply with this General Requirements and the relevant approved standard for the product to be registered under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Schemes.

It is the responsibility of the Manufacturer for locally manufactured product or the importer for the imported products to register the product/s to ESMA.

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