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Qdot Methodology:

Phase 1 – Information Capture.Qdot comes on-site to your facility and conducts interviews with your key management and staff to ascertain the current practices of your company, to see where you already comply with the standard. The notes taken from Phase 1 become the basis for the next phase.
Phase 2 – Documentation Preparation.Qdot Specialists prepare a Management System compliant manual and supporting procedures, forms and other necessary documents based on the results of the Phase 1 interviews. Your resulting documentation is fully customized, based on the company’s current practices, and only introduces new or modified practices where the company either does not meet a requirement at all, or where current practice deviates from a requirement. Boilerplate documents are not used, and your staff are not assigned any writing duties however assistance & cooperation from client’s staff is expected during extraction of required information.
Phase 3 – Implementation and Training.Qdot Specialists return on-site and assist in implementing the resulting systems, train employees and internal auditors, and conduct the first round of required internal audits. We facilitate a management review, including a review of the process objectives. At the end of Phase 3, your company is ready for third party certification auditing.
Phase 4 – Certification Audit.Qdot will attend the audit and provide on-site assistance and facilitation of the audit, ensuring a smooth and effective audit by the registrar, and ensuring your registrar’s auditor does not deviate from international accreditation rules, or “make up” requirements that do not exist.

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