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AS 9100

AS 9100 Quality Management Systemfor Aerospace industry

What is AS 9100?

AS 9100 is a Quality Management System Standard developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group and it is based on ISO 9001 with additions and interpretations specific to the aviation space and defence industry sectors. AS 9100 has some associated standards, including 9110 which is designed for repair and overhaul organizations and 9120 which is designed for distributor stockholders? The 9100 standard is issued in Americas as ‘AS 9100′, in Europe as ‘EN 9100′ and in Asia-Pacific as ‘JIS Q 9100′.

Why is AS 9100/9110/9120 important to your organization?

Certification against 9100/9110/9120 provides evidence that your products and services meet the demanding expectations and standards of the aviation, space and defence sector. It shows that you operate according to internationally agreed and recognized practices for quality management, and is essential to winning contracts worldwide. Benefits include:

  • Internationally agreed and recognized practices for quality management in the aviation, space and defence sector.
  • Eligibility for inclusion on OASIS – the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System database.
  • A common language for dealing with business customers and suppliers worldwide.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A model for continual and systematic improvements in quality
  • A model for delivering excellence for customers and other stakeholders.
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